1976 Martin D-76 Acoustic Guitar

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1976 Martin D-76 Acoustic Guitar

CODE: 375449

Price: $4,995.00

If you have been looking for an unplayed, pristine condition example of this model to add to your collection, this is it!

No playing wear, no cracks breaks or weather checking, case is in NOS condition with no signs of warping.

Includes all original documents in Martin envelope.

The original pickguard has been replaced under Martin warranty due to shrinkage from 40 years of age. The action height is low and the neck has never been reset.

Most dealers would just go ahead and call this "perfect" or 'Mint" , but these are terms which can cause too many problems and so we don't use them. But...it's shiny and new-looking with no signs for having been played and it's now 40 years old.

AMAZING, mind-numbingly clean..."finest condition"..."you won't find one cleaner"...."new old-stock condition" ... how's that?

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