LaVonne Music is an Authorized Dealer of Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor 114e Acoustic Electric

CODE: 114E

$798.00   $699.00
The 114e features our popular Grand Auditorium body style, whose physical dimensions have made it a popular choice for its appealing performance... More

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Electric


$1,328.00   $999.00
This latest edition of our cutaway Grand Auditorium 214ce features an aesthetic update to feature attractive layered Hawaiian koa back and sides. Under the... More

Taylor 214ce-N Nylon String Acoustic Electric Guitar


$1,328.00   $1,099.00
Our layered rosewood 200 Series models hone in on the fundamentals of a great guitar-playing experience to give you clear, balanced tone and great... More

Taylor 322ce 12-fret Acoustic Electric Guitar


$2,638.00   $2,149.00
Taylor’s 12-fret necks feature the slightly shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length of the Grand Concert and a repositioned bridge that sits closer to the... More

Taylor 356ce 12-String Acoustic Electric Guitar


$2,458.00   $1,899.00
Sapele’s clear, balanced tonal properties are well-suited for a 12-string. The cutaway acoustic/electric 356ce delivers plenty of midrange and octave... More

Taylor 714ce Western Sunburst Acoustic Electric

CODE: 1108306005

$4,098.00   $3,199.00
This newest version of the already fantastic Taylor 714ce Acoustic Electric Guitar has a stunning western sunburst finish!  Read more about the... More

Taylor 814ce Deluxe Acoustic Electric


$5,098.00   $3,999.00
This deluxe-edition 814ce takes a best-selling Taylor model to even greater heights. The 814ce’s evergreen appeal comes from its impressive musical... More

Taylor GS Mini-e Bass

CODE: 2109297012

$918.00   $699.00
Thanks to breakthrough Taylor design, the GS Mini Bass offers players a remarkably inviting small-scale acoustic bass that’s compact, lightweight and... More

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic Electric


$988.00   $799.00
Crafted as part of a limited run of premium GS Mini models, the GS Mini-e Koa boasts a pair of upgrades: a back and sides of exotic veneered Hawaiian koa,... More

Taylor GS Mini-e Walnut Acoustic Electric


This addition to the popular GS Mini family features layered walnut back and sides paired with a solid Sitka spruce top. Like its other Mini siblings, our... More

Taylor K24ce Koa Acoustic Electric

CODE: 1101226127

$5,658.00   $4,399.00
Hawaiian koa’s captivating beauty is matched by a tone that blossoms over time, especially in the midrange. Its voice is bright and focused, with... More

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