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Big Lou Cobra Electric Guitar


Price: $339.00

LaVonne Music is a dealer of Big Lou guitars, known for their wide (1 7/8") nut.

The ultrawide 47.625 mm (1-7/8")" nut with 8 mm (.315") spacing between the strings is just easier to play. That generous room between the strings means that it's harder to accidently mute strings while fretting around. If you're a big person with large hands and fingers, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how nicely your hand fits this fretboard. And there is still an adequate 3.81 mm (.15") of shoulder area to help keep the E strings on the board while working your vibratos. If you're a beginner with less than perfect accuracy, you'll be constantly forgiven by this wider fretboard. A little extra room can make a lot of difference.

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