Electric Guitars

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We have over 100 Electric Guitars in stock, ranging from entry level beginning guitar to vintage collectable ones. 

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Used Gibson Les Paul Studio Min-ETune Electric Guitar

CODE: 117330325

This used Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar is from 2013. It came from the factory with the Min-ETune 'Robot' tuning machines and it comes with the... More

Used Gibson Midtown Custom Electric Guitar

CODE: 140113287

This used Gibson Midtown Custom Electric Guitar comes with a hardshell case. This series of guitar was only produced by Gibson for a few years, which is a... More

Used Yamaha SE150 Electric Guitar

CODE: MH22054

This used Yamaha SE150 Electric Guitar was made in the 1980s and has a great looking pearl white finish. I tried to capture the opalescent nature of the... More

Vintage Silvertone Model 1478 with DeArmond Pickup


Cool vintage Silvertone Model 1478 Electric Guitar with DeArmond Pickup. Comes with original softshell case.

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