LaVonne Music Testimonials
"I have been "around the World" in music stores in my life, and I have never met a more knowledgale, friendly owner and staff. If you have not been to Lavonnes, it is a must visit for all musicians. If you have been there, they just bought the property next door and expanded and brought out a bunch more inventory. Cool stuff."

I have been dealing with LaVonne's since they opened and have known Pete for years. I have sent more business to him from people all over the globe and there's a good reason for it. The BEST AND MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE AROUND AND THE BEST... PRICES!!! I won't make a move as far as buying a guitar unless I run it by Pete and I've bought dozens of guitars from him. That doesn't include all the other gear I've purchased!!

- Jeff Diamond

Pete and crew are knowledgeable, friendly and honest. One of the best stores I've been to for new and used guitars, basses and other band instruments. And if you're into vintage guitars, they have an amazing number of sources through long-time collectors, dealers, who trust them with their instruments. Great deals on great axes that you never thought you'd find locally. And fun stories to go with them!

- C. David Satre

I've bought most of my guitars here. Great service. Very knowledgeable. Very friendly.

- Mike Linden

"I drove about an hour and a half to get to this store. They gave me a smokin' deal on a brand new Epiphone Electric guitar and Line 6 amp. If I went anywhere else, I would have paid at least $150 more than what I paid at Lavonne Music. They made it worth my drive over the river and trough the woods. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking to buy a guitar. And on top of all this- friendly service!"
- Anonymous

I have dealt with LaVonnes for over 30 years. They are honest, fair, and the staff are all players. This gives them a leg up as they know what players want and have the knowledge to back it up.

- Gary Lee

"Friendly staff, and they know a lot about the gear. i would highly recommend this place."


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