Used Fender David Lozeau Stratocaster

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Used Fender Special Edition David Lozeau Sacred Heart Stratocaster

CODE: 0141002350

Price: $575.00

Here is what Fender had to say about the limited run of David Lozeau Art Guitars.

"People have taken to their guitars with brush, pigment and boundless creativity for ages, treating them not only as sonic canvases, but literal ones too. Take noted artist and illustrator David Lozeau, who has adorned a series of special Fender instruments with his acclaimed and colorfully twisted vision. Lozeau has a quirky, character-driven painting style that wraps Day of the Dead iconography in a modern lowbrow aesthetic, blending fine art technique with illustrative humor to reveal his distinctive and funny perspective on life, death and all the interesting stuff in between."

This particular guitar has a Rosewood fingerboard, synthetic bone nut and standard single-coil pickups. It also has an upgraded pickguard and back plate, which add to the overall look of the guitar. Everything on it works and it is ready to be played on stage!

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