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LaVonne Music has many Vintage Instruments in stock, call, stop in or email us for details.

1952 Fender Blackguard Telecaster

CODE: 2490

This vintage 1952 Fender Blackguard was purchased from the original owners' son two years ago. It has the original hardshell case and a copy of the original... More

1958 Fender Stratocaster

CODE: 027618

This beautiful 3 tone sunburst 1958 Fender Stratocaster is ALL ORIGINAL. It has creamy tone and well matched pickups. The neck pickup is warm and fat.... More

1958 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary

CODE: 29063

This vintage Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary Model guitar is from 1958. It comes with the original hardshell case. It's essentially a sunburst 6120 and this... More

1962 Gibson ES-330 Thinline Hollowbody

CODE: 56628

Vintage 1962 Gibson ES-330 Thinline Hollowbody Electric Guitar All original, nickel hardware, pre-retainer ABR. Strap button added on bass side horn.... More

1967 Fender Telecaster - ONE OWNER

CODE: 206309

$8,000.00   $7,500.00
This vintage 1967 Fender Telecaster is the real deal! It is a ONE owner guitar and it is still ALL original. It comes with the original hardshell case as... More

1968 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

CODE: 866942

This is an early series 1968 Gibson Les Paul was a one year only model. After having no les pauls for a couple years, Gibson brought out the 1968 Les Paul... More

1975 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Electric

CODE: 653193

This 1975 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar comes with original hardshell case. Call or email for more details.

1976 Martin D-76 Acoustic Guitar

CODE: 375449

If you have been looking for an unplayed, pristine condition example of this model to add to your collection, this is it! No playing wear, no cracks... More

1977 Gibson L5 Custom

CODE: 72667070

1977 Gibson L5 Custom, issue free, comes with hardshell case. 

1979 Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

CODE: S915377

This 1979 Fender Stratocaster is in fantastic condition. All original and comes with original hardshell case.

1985 Yamaha BX-1 Headless Bass


This 1985 Yamaha BX-1 Headless Bass comes with original Yamaha gig bag!

1988 Limited Edition Rickenbacker 370-12rm Roger McGuinn 12-String

CODE: D-18913

Bought and put away, as-new condition. Comes with all factory documentation, brochure, and period guitar magazine specs reprint in RIC envelope (all in... More

1993 Guild Brian May Signature Pro Electric

CODE: B M20390

This 1993 Guild Brian May Signature Pro Electric Guitar is in excellent condition. This model was a close copy of the red special that May used with Queen.... More

1995 Limited Edition Fender American Stratocaster

CODE: N556195

This used 1995 Fender American Stratocaster was a limited edition model that came in burgundy mist with matching headstock. It comes with a hardshell case.

2007 Gibson LPR-9 '59 Les Paul Burst Reissue

CODE: 972011

This Gibson LPR-9 59 Reissue is in as new condition. It comes with the original hardshell case and the guitar only weighs 8.8lbs.

Barely used Ibanez RG752 Prestige 7-String Electric

CODE: F1409044

$1,733.32   $1,199.00
This Ibanez RG752gk 7-String Electric Guitar was so lightly used, it could almost pass for new! It comes with original hardshell case. The Galaxy Black... More

Barely used Zoom MS-50g MultiStomp Guitar pedal

CODE: 015660

This Zoom MS-50g is barely used. It  has 55 effects in it and you can used up to 6 of them simultaneously! It comes with the original box and manual... More

Custom Built 'Ole Glory' Electric Guitar


This guitar was custom built by Dave Blackshear after the attacks on 9-11. It uses a Gibson neck which now has been modified to represent the Twin Towers.... More

Czech Bass circa 1900


This Czech bass sounds great! It is set up and ready to bring to the gig. 

Lightly used Fender CF-60 Acoustic Guitar

CODE: CI131261671

$329.99   $199.00
This used Fender CF-60 folk Acoustic Guitar that is in like new condition. It has a slightly narrower body that appeals to many players, since it tends to... More

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