We have many used amps in stock that we will be adding here soon!

Please call or email for a list of what is available.

1976 Fender Vibro Champ

CODE: B65626

This vintage Fender Vibro Champ was made in 1976. The transformer code indicates that it was built the 18th week.

Used Crate Power Block Solid State Guitar Amp Head


This guitar head only weighs 4.5lbs! Don't let the size fool you, it can run 75W RMS per side stereo or 150W mono. Don't want to wake the neighbors? No... More

Used Divided by 13 JRT 9/15 Guitar Head

CODE: 988219

This is an incredibly versatile head that has two different sets of power tubes in it, providing two different voices. One is brighter with more clean... More

Used Gibson GA-15 Guitar Amplifier

CODE: 6-12/23/200

This used Gibson GA-15 Guitar Amplifier is a one owner amplifier. It came in new to our store in the 90s and was only used at church (no smokey bars!).... More

Used Marshall 1960AV Cabinet

CODE: M1998252812Z

Fantastic used Marshall 1960AV 4x12 Guitar Cabinet.

Used Marshall 1974x Combo Amplifier

CODE: 1974X

$3,100.00   $1,799.00
This lightly used Marshall 1974x 18W Combo Guitar Amplifier comes with the original manual and footswitch!

Used Mesa Boogie Mark III Guitar Amplifier

CODE: 18653

This used Mesa Boogie Mark III has been checked and everything on it works. It comes with an amp cover.

Used Quilter Aviator 8" Combo Amplifier

CODE: 11120916253

$900.00   $575.00
We just traded in this Quilter Aviator 8" Combo amp! It has great tone, is easy to use, 100 watts per channel and it only weighs 22.6lbs! Nobody else is... More

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