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TASCAM iUR2 USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface - Barely used

CODE: 210011366

$69.95   $35.00
This is a barely Tascam iUR2 audio interface that can be used with a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I think it was opened and plugged in once. It... More

Used AKG D1000 Microphone


This used AKG D1000 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone was tested and found to be working. This microphone comes with mic clip and carrying case. More

Used ART Tube MP Studio Mic Preamp

CODE: M110609908

$69.00   $29.00
This is a lightly used ART Tube MP Studio Mic Preamp for sale. Although the main application for this is as a mic preamp, you can also use it as an... More

Used Electric Guitar Neck


Great deal on a used electric guitar neck! It has 21 frets, a slotted nut and a truss rod.

Used Electric Guitar Neck


This used Electric Guitar Neck comes with sealed gear tuning machines and 2 string trees. It has 21 frets and a truss rod. 

Used EMG-85 Guitar Pickup


This is a used EMG-85 Active Humbucking Pickup. 

Used EV SX500 Speaker Pair

CODE: 9809N10073

We have a pair of used E.V. SX500 Speakers for sale. The Electro-Voice Sx500 is a 400-Watt, 15-inch two-way, biampable, high-efficiency,... More

Used Kinman AVN-59 Pickup


This is a used Kinman AVN-59 pickup. This is a zero-hum Stratocaster Pickup that is medium high output. It gives you an aged sound that is louder, has full... More

Used Mackie Onyx 820i Mixer


$499.99   $150.00
Used Mackie Onyx 820i Analog Mixer. It is an 8-channel Firewire Production Mixer that is perfect for recording. Had one owner and was only used in a... More

Used Mesa Boogie Lead Rhythm Footswitch


This is a used Mesa Boogie Lead Rhythm Footswitch. It's in an aluminum housing and it works.

Used Pulse 16" Crash Cymbal


LaVonne Music has a used Pulse 16" Crash Cymbal for sale. It was made in Germany and has a nice ring to it. We have many new and used drum sets in stock,... More

Used Republic Square Neck Resonator Guitar


This used Republic Square Neck Resonator has fancy inlays and has Abalone binding. It even comes with a hardshell case!

Used Tascam CD-GT1 Portable CD Guitar Trainer

CODE: 0091440

This used Tascam CD-GT1 Portable CD Guitar Trainer is a wonderful tool. You can use it to slow down songs without changing the pitch! A must have for anyone... More

Used Technical Pro MK-T77 Microphone


We tested this mic and it is in working order. It comes with a cable and carrying case.

Vintage 1950s Regal Jungle Ukulele

CODE: JungleUke

This 1950s Regal Jungle Uke is very rare. In fact, this is the only one we've ever seen! The ukulele is covered in fake leopard fur and the headstock has... More

Vintage Gibson Bass Case


This vintage Gibson Bass Case works for 1958, 1959 and 1960 EB2 and EB6 basses. Extremely hard to find!

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