Acoustic Guitars

1958 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary

CODE: 29063

This vintage Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary Model guitar is from 1958. It comes with the original hardshell case. It's essentially a sunburst 6120 and this... More

1968 Martin D-18 Acoustic

CODE: 234831

Vintage 1968 Martin D-18 Acoustic Guitar with Martin hardshell case.

1976 Martin D-76 Acoustic Guitar

CODE: 375449

If you have been looking for an unplayed, pristine condition example of this model to add to your collection, this is it! No playing wear, no cracks... More

Used Carlo Robelli Archtop Guitar MIJ

CODE: 7610589

This is a used Carlo Robelli Archtop Guitar. It's one of the nice ones, made in Japan. I believe that it is the S2000 model, however, the tag inside the... More

Used Gibson L-00 Pro Acoustic Electric

CODE: 12852046

This Gibson L-00 Pro Acoustic Electric Guitar was so lightly used it could almost pass for new. It comes with hardshell case.

Used Republic Square Neck Resonator Guitar


This used Republic Square Neck Resonator has fancy inlays and has Abalone binding. It even comes with a hardshell case!

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