Acoustic Guitars

The following guitars are in stock but not yet pictured on the site. Contact us for additional information.

1920s Regal Parlor Acoustic $799.00
1928 Gibson L-5 $12500.00
2002 Stephen Kakos II Classical $4400.00
Used Alvarez 5003 Classical $125.00
Used Eastman AC-420 Acoustic $575.00
Used Eastman AC-720 Acoustic $675.00
Used Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra Acoustic Electric $249.00
Used Fender DG-20ce Acoustic Electric $249.00
Used Gibson G-45 Studio Acoustic Electric $899.00
Used Gibson SJ-200 Acoustic $3500.00
Used Gretsch Americana Acoustic $100.00
Used Ibanez AEF37essg Acoustic $199.00
Used Ibanez AW100 Acoustic $249.00
Used Ovation 1768 Acoustic Electric $750.00
Used Ovation CE44P-Fkoa Acoustic Electric $400.00
Used Recording King RPH-07 Acoustic $89.00
Used Taylor 305 Baby Taylor Acoustic $249.00
Used Taylor 114ce Acoustic Electric $649.00
Used Taylor 354ce 12-String Acoustic Electric $1199.00

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